Some Of The Products We Offer

Plug-&-Play System

Modular System


Add more modules at any time to adapt your design without having to redo all the wires. Plus you can inject power for longer runs.

Easy Connections


Plug directly into controller and your LED data through RJ45 cable.




Eliminates the need for crimping and soldering. Plus no need to cut and strip endless wires, and no hassle of messy wires.

Plug-&-Play Adapters

Takes the hassle out of hooking up RGB LEDs. Plugs right into standard DMX controllers including every one that we sell. You can then use standard off the self RJ45 cables to connect the strips. We also have modules that allow you to inject power at any point; this allows longer runs of LEDs. An added benefit is you can daisy chain devices off one another instead of running cables all the way back to the controller.


Another major benefit is when you change your set design you don't have to re crimp and cut cables you just rearrange your RJ45 cables and you can use the same hardware over and over again.


  • Plugs Directly into standard DMX controllers
  • Works with standard RJ45 cables in any length
  • Comes as a pair with one Break-in and one Break-out
  • Allows easy and clean runs of cables
  • Comes with daisy chain option to link lights together easily
  • Allows for easy power injection without soldering
  • Modular system which can be added upon and  used over and over
  • The only solution of its kind, that literally takes the hassle out of LEDs


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